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utility deposit

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About moonbear

I am in desperate need $420 to have my power turned on.  This is the deposit amount required by Alabama Power which is determined by previous history (which I have none with them), and is then double the amount of a typical power bill from this residence.  I am a single mother with 2 children who is currently on an FMLA leave from work for medical reasons.  I have tried to come up with the money by asking family members but just can't find anyone who has it available.  I offered to make a smaller deposit and then have the remainder of the deposit added to my monthly bill but they wouldn't allow me to do that.  Does anyone have an idea where I could get help?  Thanks for your input.


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About starshine

My roommate gave me 2 weeks notice to move and I found a place that I can afford but after paying the deposit to the andlord I don't have any money left for the utility deposits, FPL is asking for $280 and the water department wants $140 before connecting service. 

 I'm in St. Lucie County Florida but local assistance is depleted or I don't qualify for it because I have a job, I just need help to pay the utility deposits as they are due now and I don't get paid from work yet.

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I am in need of shelter. I just recently moved to TN. I have just secured a job, but won't recieve a paycheck untill 9-3-02. I am living with the only family I have here in TN but they are going to OK within the next two weeks and my children and I will have no where to go. I just need financial assistance in getting in to an apartment.
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